Darwin is a modern, sub-tropical, multi-cultural city and a popular tourist destination. Several Children’s Homes were in and around this area and Darwin continues to have a large population of those identifying as the ‘Stolen Generation’. Several Indigenous communities are close by and Darwin is made up of various tribal groups. Many Aboriginal people from N.T. communities come here for training, medical, and sadly some come for alcohol. A number of boarding schools offer education for those from remote communities. All of these components provide abundant opportunities for various types of ministry. The mix of people from different tribal areas and connected to other denominations make the development of an Indigenous Church extremely difficult. Thank God for opportunities to reach and support those who visit from outlying areas. Pray that local Indigenous people will find a place of worship where their faith can be built up and they can join in serving the Lord.

Rhonda Coats

Rhonda, our longest serving missionary, is based in Darwin and is involved in several forms of gospel ministry with her primary endeavor being to ‘encourage the development and empowerment of the Aboriginal church’.

She engages in the discipleship of believers which often involves phone calls from accross the field at all hours – the content of these calls can be heart shattering and/or uplifting.

Additionally, Rhonda provides appropriate literature and resources to the whole field, covering NSW, QLD and the NT. This takes her out to the field for visits regularly. These visits also provide the opportunity for Rhonda to gain relevent research and information for her role in the editing and production of the quarterly AIM Magazine.

Please Pray
Pray for God’s guidance, wisdom and discernment as she serves Jesus in her various roles to establish, encourage, and empower Indigenous Christians.


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