Cliff & Carolyn Letcher
Acting General Director

Before joining AIM Cliff was an ordained pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Cliff was married to Sue when he joined the mission in 1994. His early role was that of promoting the work of AIM to the wider church and helping educate the non-indigenous church about both the history of the churches involvement with Indigenous people and the need for the Australian churches to be closely connecting with their Indigenous brothers and sisters in the Lord. During that period Cliff was asked to join the AIM Council and later appointed as President of the Mission. In 2004 AIM Incorporated and with that the opportunity was taken to restructure the Mission and Cliff became the Field Director. By that time their family were independent and Cliff & Sue were able to travel for extended periods to support and encourage the AIM Field personnel.

Following Cliff’s retirement and Sue’s death Cliff was asked, in 2015, to undertake pastoral support for AIM’s Northern Territory workers. Cliff and Carolyn married and Carolyn joined Cliff in their trips each year to the NT and they spent considerable time there providing support and encouragement.

Carolyn is a Special Education Teacher and has worked in this Field for many years. She continues to work part time in this field. In 2019 Cliff was asked to undertake the role of Acting General Director for AIM. Cliff & Carolyn have eight sons between them and twelve grandchildren (mostly girls).


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Paul Badman

I now work for Baptist Financial Services and love to deal with other people’s money for Kingdom growing adventures. This year I have learnt how AIM’s finances are used to further God’s work on earth. We have significant financial challenges ahead that will make stewardship of God’s money quite tricky. Therefore, I have been given by God the opportunity to help AIM understand how to best fulfil His will as agents of the King (1 Chron 28:1 and 1 Peter 4:10-11). Thankfully our sovereign God is in charge of the donations we receive, the bills we have to pay and the cost in dollars to do his ministry (Psalm 140:6-7). All I need to do is be obedient to His Word, and ask for the wisdom I need to steer the AIM financial motor vehicle into positive territory and profit for our King’s ministry (James 1:5).


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