Gilgandra is about 50 minutes south of the Warumbungles National Park, located in the central west region of NSW.

Interestingly, the AIM church in Gilgandra was started by an Aboriginal pastor named William Bee Naden in around 1950

and has been under Indigenous leadership over most of the decades.

Bernie & Joanne Woodrow
Church Pastor

Since moving to Gilgandra from Ballarat Victoria in 2011, Bernie and Joanne Woodrow have given themselves to the work among the Aboriginal community in Gilgandra and surrounding areas. Bernie has served in the field as a lay preacher for a number of years along with other duties like mentorship, teaching and pastoral work. Joanne likewise enjoys serving in hospitality, youth, and children’s ministry. Having undergone Theological training in the Philippines, Joanne has experienced serving in many churches there before coming to Australia.

Please Pray
Together Bernie and Joanne look forward for your support in prayer
and that together we might bring great glory to God in these last days as we anticipate the Lord’s return.

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