Special Religious Education in Public Schools – NSW

AIM is committed to the well being of all students, and seeks to comply co-operatively with the Learning and Teaching Directorate within the NSW Department of Education to meet the standards set to qualify our  workers to deliver SRE in  NSW Public Schools. These include:

Working with Children Checks – each AIM worker must have a valid WWCC Clearance. The process and nature of the check is explained and maintained by the Office of Child Guardian

Child Protection Training – we require that all our SRE workers successfully complete a Child Protection Training Course and have current certification. As our workers belong to a number of Christian denominations we employ courses such as the Anglican Church’s Safe Ministry Training and the Presbyterian Church of NSW’s Breaking the Silence

SRE Training – our SRE workers must undergo authorised initial and ongoing training including class management; as well as possessing theological education in accord with our doctrinal statement and requisite to the level of teaching [e.g. Infant to Secondary]. This teacher training may take the form of DEC recognised teaching qualification(s) through tertiary institutions or specific SRE accredited training courses, such as Youthworks or Christian SRE 

Curriculum – age appropriate authorised curriculum materials are taught with sensitivity and in an age appropriate manner. We source much of our material from Christian Education Publications and the syllabus fits within subject matter outlined in syllabus such as Think Faith

Complaints Policy and Procedures – Contact AIM at australianindigenousministries@gmail.com

Download the AIM SRE Complaints Procedures and the AIM Complaints Proforma by clicking on the links.